Man Suspected of Stealing Purse From A Car Parked In A Cemetery Caught

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It takes a certain type of person to smash in a window and steal a purse from a car parked at a cemetery -- from a woman there for a funeral.

That's exactly what happened to a grieving woman at the Sacramento City Cemetery in December. But don't call her a victim.

What the suspected burglar, who police now identify as Daniel Erickson, didn't realize was that he was stealing the purse from a certain type of woman, too.

The theft was caught on camera, and the woman whose purse had gotten swiped made sure everyone saw it.

"There was surveillance that went out among the media outlets," said Traci Trapani, a spokeswoman for the Sacramento Police Department.

The video played on social media and on FOX40 News, among others. And it worked.

Sacramento police got a tip identifying the smash-and-grab thief as Daniel Erickson.

Meanwhile, another woman whose purse was stolen in Elk Grove found out someone had rung-up a $900 bill at a local big box store. Then, when her bank told her that there was another transaction on her account at a sporting goods store in Elk Grove, she drove down to take a look.

And that's where she found them — Erickson and a woman he was with.

Police say she parked them in so they couldn't get out. And before officers even arrived, Erickson's companion had given the stolen purse back.

"Elk Grove Police Department notified us, since it was our warrant," Trapani said.

Elk Grove police say they found multiple receipts from Target and Walmart, all purchase made with the stolen credit card.

And they say they found a lot more than that — cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

Erickson is facing a host of felony charges for the narcotics, identity theft, and burglary. Prosecutors are evaluating now whether he could be facing his second or even third "strikes" under California law.