Thief Returns Stolen Package With Note: ‘Sorry For The Inconvenience’

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FAIR OAKS -- It's a story you hear often: a thief steals a package from a front porch. What you don't hear, however, is the thief returning the package and even apologizing for it with a hand written note.

That's what happened to a Fair Oaks family. An explanation and apology was scribbled across an Amazon package in pink pen at Ryan Frith's house in on Papaya Drive.

The note said:

"Was going to steal your package but it's for a kid. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Have a nice day."

The package was an iPad cover for Frith's 2-year-old daughter Sofia. The thief brought the package back, but it was missing part of the cover and the receipt.

"I think the person that stole it and returned it isn't really that smart," said Frith.

The note on the box is strange, but neighbors said thieves aren't new to Papaya Drive. Frith's neighbor Susan is a longtime resident of the street and said she has dealt with multiple thefts throughout the years.

"The garage door was open someone came in and took about $1000 worth of tools," Susan said.

Ryan Frith says he didn't file a police report, but did buy surveillance cameras to protect his home and family.

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