Car Crash Video of Teens Raises Concerns About Speeding In Auburn

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A car crash video making its rounds on social media is bringing to light a speeding issue in an Auburn neighborhood.

Megan Muller caught the crash involving teens on camera on Tuesday afternoon. She said she wanted to record speeders on Finley Street to bring it to the city's attention, but got something much worse. The video shows a black pick up truck spinning out of control and slamming into a tree right in front of Muller's house.

"I've lived here a while. It's always been known, if you park out on the street right there and people come around the corner, you better get out of the way," said Muller.

Finley Street is just down the road from Placer High School. The speed limit is 25 mph, but some cars going to and from Placer High drive much faster, according to the Auburn Police Department.

Sergeant Chris Forman said increased law enforcement patrolled the area just a few weeks ago, but they're back at it this week after the crash. Officers stopped six speeders Thursday during lunch time and issued three tickets.

The Auburn PD is working with the school. Forman said an email sent by Placer High to parents is an attempt to help the speeding problem. Muller and other neighbors, however, are looking for a more permanent solution. Muller said she intends on going to a traffic meeting in March to address the issue with city leaders.

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