Cell Phone Video Captures Hit-and-Run Accident After Brawl

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According to witness accounts the two men in the startling video we're showing here, had just had a raging brawl right out in the middle of the street.

"They beat each other up with bats and they ripped each other's clothes off," said John Michael. The fight happened near his Arden Arcade home.

It didn't end with the fisticuffs.

One of the men eventually gets into his car. But before driving off, there is a violent collision as his car smashes into the combatant who was still on foot.

"I saw him and I was like, 'are you okay?'  And they said he got hit by the car. And then I saw the damage to my truck and wall and all that. And it's like... wow," said John, a man who saw parts of his yard wrecked in the crash.

John had put a retaining wall in when he pulled all the grass out in favor of something drought resistant. The crash tore up the retaining wall, and even put a pretty good dent in his windshield- where it looks like the man who was hit bounced off it.

"Could have been worse. Someone could have been killed " John said, surveying the damage.

Neighbors say both men live on, or frequently visit, the Arden Arcade street that's normally quiet and normally safe.

The California Highway Patrol has yet to respond to FOX40's inquiries about the incident, but witnesses say both men were arrested.

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