Dogs Attack, Kill Alpaca in Rural El Dorado County

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A woman is asking for the community's help to find two German Shepherds caught on camera attacking her alpacas in rural El Dorado County.

"There was one German Shepherd on each alpaca, just gnawing at them," the homeowner, named Lisa said.

Lisa said the dogs ran onto her property in the Fair Play area near Somerset on Monday at noon. She said she had a gut instinct to check on her alpacas in the backyard.

"I'm trying to run as fast as I can, and pick up sticks and whatever I can find the throw at them, and I'm screaming, you know?" Lisa said.

Lisa said the German Shepherds chased one of her two alpacas, named Skye, to the back of the property, where they tore its hind leg to shreds. The injuries were so severe, Lisa had to put Skye down.

"She keeps looking for Skye like, what happened to my friend?" Lisa said, referring to the surviving alpaca.

FOX40 reached out to El Dorado County Animal Services and have not yet heard back from them. Lisa said animal services had not yet found the two German Shepherds, and she was concerned that if they are still on the loose, they might attack again.

"I'm thinking if the took down an alpaca that size, what would they do to a kid? Or someone's dog, you know?" Lisa said.

Lisa was still compassionate toward the dogs who attacked her alpaca, which might not be surprising, considering she is such an animal lover. She is urging the community to be on alert, but not to harm the dogs if they believe they find them.

"I want the owners to come forward and do the right thing and let us know they've done the right thing," Lisa said.

Lisa said the other dog appeared to be a German Shepherd mix with a lighter coat.

If you think you have seen the dogs, contact El Dorado County Animal Services at (530) 621-5795. You can also email