Insane Schwarzenegger Truck is for Sale

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — This 9-foot tall, 6-ton truck is exactly the kind of thing you’d expect Arnold Schwarzenegger to drive. And he did.

The combination pickup truck and SUV looks like a Hummer on steroids is made by Mercedes and dubbed the Unimog. This 1977 model was formerly owned by Schwarzenegger and comes complete with an autograph from the Governator on the dashboard.

It can be yours for a mere $351,000.

The good news is Unimog only has 1,865 miles on the odometer. Schwarzenegger sold the vehicle to the Texas Direct Auto dealership in suburban Houston, which is now putting it back on the market.

“These are military types of vehicles,” said Donnie Doughty, a dealership salesman who said this truck was adapted specifically for Schwarzenegger. “It was converted to what it is now with an automatic transmission and air conditioning.”

The truck is street legal and meets California emissions standards despite its diesel engine, Doughty said. He couldn’t say how many miles per gallon it gets.

“I’m sure it’s not too much,” he said.

Sales price includes documentation, records and pictures of Schwarzenegger taking delivery of the truck. The dealer also has the truck listed on eBay.