Young Mother Killed, Leaves Behind Two Children

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The family of a young mother killed in Modesto Friday is asking for the community's help to raise the two small children she leaves behind.

Nineteen-year-old Andrea Castro was found dead inside her father's home on Moselle Court in Modesto Friday at around 1:30 p.m. Her boyfriend, 23-year-old Jose Cuevas-Nery turned himself in to police in Bakersfield just a few hours later. Cuevas-Nery has since been transported back to Stanislaus County where he is in jail on murder charges.

"She had the mind set that she was not gonna go back to that, because she was afraid for her life and her kids' safety," said a family member named Carmen.

Carmen told FOX40 that Castro had been in the process of ending her relationship with Cuevas-Nery, who is the father of her 5-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter. Carmen said Castro had already began the process of filling for full custody of their children, and was starting to move out of her father's home, where she lived with Cuevas-Nery. Carmen said Castro was going back for her last boxes of belongings when she was killed.

"If you asked me right now what I want for him, I would say the worst. Because he wasn't fair. He could have just left her. He didn't have to do this to her," Carmen said.

Andrea's father spoke to FOX40 off camera. He said he was not home at the time his daughter was killed, but that tragically, other family members were right next door at the time and didn't hear a thing.

Carmen says Castro's story should be a warning to other young girls about how to safely get out of abusive relationships. She said Castro only recently told her family that Cuevas-Nery had become controlling, and at least once had physically restrained her from leaving.

"She started sharing that he was not letting her go anywhere, taking her phone away, car keys away, basically controlling everything that she did," Carmen said.

Castro's family has set up a GoFundMe Account to help pay for the unexpected expenses of burying the mother and raising her two children.

"Any help. It doesn't matter if it's one dollar. Doesn't matter what it is. It's gonna help raise those kids," Carmen said.

Modesto Police told FOX40 Castro's cause of death has yet to be determined. If you have any information about her death, contact police.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe Account for Castro's children, use the link below: