Private Security Requesting App Arrives in Sacramento

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The "Grid App" has recently come to the Sacramento area, after already being in ten other states, and offers contracted, armed or unarmed security guard with a minute by minute charge.

"The public has never had anything like this before," creator Nathan McGuire said.

McGuire believes his app will feed the need between feeling unsafe and having to contact the police.

Right now, it seems that businesses are the ones who are using it the most.

"We don't need security all the time but when we have an event or a night gets really crowded, we can have somebody down here in 30 to 40 minutes," Scott Giller, owner of Dillian's Bar and Grill in Lincoln, told FOX40 on Wednesday.

FOX40 contacted the Sacramento Police Department about the app, and while they say they are aware of it, they didn't want to comment on camera because the service is new and they have no experience with the possible pros and cons of it.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices.