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Search Continues for Missing Boater in Solano County

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The search for a missing Manteca man continued four days after he reportedly jumped from his fishing boat in the water, south of Collinsville on Saturday night.

Wednesday afternoon, Daniel Calderon's uncle stopped by the Bait Shop in Rio VIsta to post a missing person flyer for Daniel.

"They just explained to me what had happened. That he'd gone fishing with a friend and that they found his boat but they didn't find him. It happens around here and it's really sad," said Karen Tate of the Bait Shop.

Gary Vitaile lives along the delta in Collinsville and heard the commotion as the search was under way.

"We hear the helicopters out here, somebody's turned up missing," he said.

Deputies were all out in force on foot as well.

"Searchers walking up and down the levee, checking the shoreline," he added.

On Saturday night around 11, the U.S. Coast Guard received a call for a man overboard.

"It is an area popular for fishing, and we do believe that's what they were doing at the time," Solano County Deputy Christine Castillo said.

The boat was in the area between Chain and Spinner islands.

"You can see how calm it is now. The wind can come up and change that in a matter of just minutes it'd be like an ocean out here," Vitaile said.

But it's unclear why Calderon jumped off his boat in the first place.

"We don't have any indication that points to depression or any mental health state. It was just two guys out fishing," Castillo said.