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Elementary Students Left Stranded in School Bus Confusion

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Natalie Feuerstein returned to her El Dorado Hills home Wednesday morning to find her three children standing in the driveway.

"They said the bus isn't coming," Feuerstein said. "What do you mean the bus isn't coming."

Her three children, ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old, in kindergarten, second and fifth grade classes, walk from the neighborhood park, back to their house a few blocks away.

Concerned and upset, Feuerstein posted something to the El Dorado watch group's Facebook page alerting other parents after seeing children walking around the neighborhood when they should've been in school.

"Thank the Lord I was coming home. But if I hadn't come home, my kids are little. They're in elementary school and they don't have a cell phone," she said.

She called the Buckeye Union school District transportation office to find out what happened

"They said the bus wasn't coming because they forgot to schedule a substitute," she said.

She says the regular bus driver was sent on a field trip to Caloma instead. She was also told someone called in sick, and they had a bus breakdown.

"They did take full responsibility for it, but they also had several excuses," she said, none of which she was interested in hearing. "Honestly, as a parent, I don't really care what they're excuses are. There needs to be checks and balances put into place."

FOX40 reached out to the transportation supervisor in person twice, and through several phone calls and written messages. We were told she was in meetings.
None of our calls or returned.

"There was more excuses than reassurance that the would not happen again," she added.