Sheep Carcass Dumped in Elverta Sparks Concern

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East Levee Road in Elverta is quiet. There’s open space, birds chirping and the occasional passing car.

But county animal control officers were in the area Friday.

"Typically in this area, we have over the years found that there are livestock carcasses that have been dumped there for whatever reason... it's kind of a remote area there's not a lot of foot traffic or vehicle traffic,” said Kim Nava, spokesperson for Sacramento County Animal Services,

Earlier this month, a photographer snapped a photo of at least five sheep carcasses dumped on an embankment.

When Nava found out about it, initially she was alarmed.

"We were concerned because of what was happening last year with the animals that were being found without heads, especially in the city of Sacramento,” Nava said.

Since February of last year, mutilated animals have been found dumped throughout the city over a dozen times. It started with headless goats, chickens, a tortoise and a baby lamb at Reichmuth Park.

Since then, FOX40 has reported on several other cases; from Midtown to North Sacramento.

Sac PD and animal control officers have been investigating, but no one has been caught.

“So your mind just kind of goes to that immediately, hoping that this isn’t similar to that. In this case it wasn’t,” Nava said.

These sheep were not mutilated, but whoever did this still broke the law.

"Animals that die in the county, if they're over 15 pounds, they need to be taken either to a rendering plant, to a veterinary office, or buried on the owner's property,” Nava said.

The person responsible could face still fines.