Tour of PG&E’s San Joaquin County Underground Gas Storage Facility

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PG&E gave FOX40 an exclusive look at their largest underground gas storage facility on Friday just west of Stockton.

The tour comes in light of the months-long gas leak that has caused health problems for Southern California residents in the San Fernando Valley since October, after a well owned by the Southern California gas company leaked.

PG&E employees said, on top of daily inspections, they also adopted a couple new policies because they were required to do so by the governor.

Pipes, wells, and a ton of safety measures. McDonald Island in San Joaquin County is PG&E’s largest natural gas underground storage facility.

“Our gas storage facilities are critical to our ability to provide safe, reliable and affordable service to our customers,” said Brandi Ehlers, a spokeswoman with PG&E.

There are 14 of these storage facilities in California, three are owned by PG&E, all are now under higher scrutiny.

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency after a well owned by Southern California Gas leaked. The continuous problem has caused headaches, nosebleeds and dizziness for thousands of Porter Ranch residents.

To prevent another leak like this one from happening, Brown declared that all utility companies within the state must abide by six new emergency directives, including daily leak checks.

“That directive has been fully adopted, and we're in full compliance with that,” Sumeet Singh, the Vice President of Asset and Risk Management with PG&E said.

"Already had four of those implemented. We worked to implement the fifth one within the last few weeks and we'll have the sixth one completed within the next 30 days,” Ehlers explained.

PG&E said they perform a variety of inspections, including using a laser that detects methane leaks, “If there is a potential leak we'll be able to detect that. The laser would be operating,” Singh said.

They are taking every precaution to ensure that a leak like the one in Porter Ranch doesn't happen in San Joaquin County.

PG&E added the island is in a very rural part of Stockton, more than 3 miles away from any urban area.

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