Firefighter Recovering After Being Struck By Car While Working Another Accident

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A Cosumnes firefighter is recovering after he was struck by a car while working an accident scene on the shoulder of Interstate 5 Friday night.

It happened in south Sacramento County near Lambert Road. The Cosumnes Fire Department told FOX40 another car came sliding off the road on the grass shoulder before it hit the fire fighter.

"He has moderate injuries, including some rib fractures, a head laceration, a concussion and several bumps and bruises," said Cosumnes Fire Department's Chief Tracey Hansen.

Hansen identified the firefighter, who is also a paramedic, as Eric Oviedo. Hansen said he was among a crew who was sent to help a woman that crashed her car into a tree about 50 feet off the road of North Bound I-5. During that rescue two cars collided on the road, and one flew off the road toward the first accident scene, according to Hansen.

"The car came through the collision scene at a very high rate of speed... Firefighters reacted there was hardly any place for them to go to," said Officer Michael Bradley, spokesperson for the CHP South Sacramento Division.

Oviedo is expected to survive, largely due to the fact he was wearing a helmet at the time of impact. But Bradley said he hopes people realize how dangerous their cars can be to emergency crews on the freeways.