Girl Hit in Face with BB While Riding Roller Coaster at Scandia

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A 9-year-old girl was shot in the face by a BB gun pellet while she was on a ride at Scandia in Sacramento County. An adult woman was also hit by the pellet gun.

"It's pretty scary just to think about it, you know, they're doing it to innocent kids," said Jordan Costa, who lives next door to Scandia.

"I feel sorry for the family, you know, and I feel sorry for Scandia that they might lose a family that enjoyed their time out on a Friday night or a Saturday night," said Stacey Smith, who brought her kids to Scandia on Sunday.

The girl is expected to be OK, according to the Sacramento Sheriff's Department. But that BB hit her in the cheek, and considering she was moving at the time, a few inches off and things could have been much worse.

"If they would have aimed a little bit upwards, they could have hit her eye, and she could have been blind, for all we know," Costa said.

"It could have hit her in the eye, it could have hit her closer to her eardrum, in her ear, anything," Smith said.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department said originally an adult woman who was filling up at a Chevron station at Hillsdale Boulevard and Madison Avenue was struck by a pellet in her face.

Moments later, the 9-year-old girl was hit while on the ride with her mother. The girl was taken to the hospital while the adult victim refused medical treatment.

"It's pretty scary just to know that people are out there doing stuff like that," Costa said.

After news of the shooting spread, Scandia's manger reportedly closed down all the rides and asked all customers to come inside the arcade until police arrived.

"It's sad, it's really sad that you bring your family out to a family environment to enjoy a evening out and you don't feel comfortable... You think, would be silly you have to worry about that stuff," said Smith.

Deputies do not have a suspect or suspect description and aren't sure if the shooter was in a vehicle. But Smith hopes police get a tip that will lead to an arrest.

"If you know who the person is, be a good Samaritan and turn the person in," Smith said.

If you'd like to submit a tip to the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, you can do that here.


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