Police: Possible PG&E Impostor Captured on Video in Vallejo

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The Vallejo Police Department shared a video by a resident on it’s Facebook that captured a possible PG&E impostor soliciting services not affiliated with the company.

The man in the video presented himself as a representative of PG&E’s “Customer Choice Program,” and, police say, while that program does exist, reps would not affiliate themselves with PG&E. In addition, any business soliciting in Vallejo should have a City of Vallejo business license and identification.

Vallejo Police urge residents to demand credentials from any subject who claims to work from PG&E to show their credentials, and also to not give them any private identifying information including a utility bill.

The man in the video was last seen driving away in a white full-size van with windows all around. If you recognize him, contact the Vallejo Police Department at 1-800-488-9383.