Skiers Skip Super Bowl to Hit the Slopes

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Millions tune in every year to watch the biggest football game of the season, but for some snow lovers, Super Bowl Sunday is just another day.

Boreal Mountain Resort said the mix of great conditions and clear weather made Sunday the busiest Super Bowl Sunday the mountain has seen in years.

"It's cooler to go on some jumps and get some action instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV," said Michael Woolley of Auburn.

Skiers taking a break inside the Boreal Bar and Grill got the best of both worlds. They slipped off their soggy snow jackets and warmed up while watching the Broncos go head-to-head with the Panthers.

Visitor Coleen DeBard was thankful for the bar after sacrificing her game day tradition to be with her family.

"First time in 20 years I haven't been to a Super Bowl party to watch the Super Bowl," she said.