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Controversy Brewing Over a High School’s Prom Dress Code Contract

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Controversy is brewing at Ceres High School over a prom dress code contract. Some have alleged the dress code is too strict and targets girls unfairly.

Prom is one of the most pivotal moments in a high school student’s life. A little black sequined dress can make a girl feel special but at Ceres High School a firestorm is brewing over what students can wear to the big dance. All outlined in a contract, a piece of paper all teens attending prom must sign.

"It’s very strict,” Dyllan Grubeck, a freshman at the high school said.

"I think it’s kind of a little restricting,” Samuel Garcia, a Junior told FOX40.

"I think that’s a good thing ‘cause that’s what it’s there for, for the kids to get dressed up,” Jacquelyn Martin, a parent to two teen boys explained.

The controversy surrounds a girl who recently spoke out against the school's contract stating in reports that it unfairly targets female students.

She claimed that her dress for this year’s event was denied by school officials.

The Ceres Unified School district is off this week, but FOX40 spoke with the Assistant Superintendent, Jay Simmonds about the dress code contract.

“Our concern is that the young lady, to our knowledge, has not talked to school officials regarding the dress she wants to wear this year. Therefore to us, this is not a story,” Simmonds explained.

School officials added the contract outlines what all students, both boys and girls, should wear. For instance, girls cannot wear dresses that are low-cut, backless, midriff baring or with too high of a slit.

“It’s not like the dresses are doing anything, it’s just so people can feel nice when they’re wearing them,” Garcia stated.

"But I would step that up. I would be like, 'Oh no. You’re not wearing that.' But some of the things you see are crazy,” Martin said.

Boys cannot wear shorts or denim.

“No, I don’t like anything that restricts me, really. Like it’s what we wanna wear,” Garcia said.

School district officials said the contract, while not popular with students, is there to make sure everyone who attends the glitz and glam of prom – has a good time, appropriately.

The district said if there’s an issue, they will work with students so they can still attend prom.

The contract also stated that kids should behave and dance appropriately. Ceres High School's prom is in April. While many schools have guidelines and rules in place for prom, not many have contracts like Ceres.