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Driver Killed after Car Slams into Tree in Fair Oaks

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A Fair Oaks teen is thankful to be alive after a driver crashed his car into a tree right outside of her bedroom.

The adult male died on impact. It happened Friday morning on the corner of Winding Oak Drive and Windsock Ave.

The California Highway Patrol said the only thing keeping the car from coming into 18-year-old Kirsten Cutts’ room was the same tree the car crashed into.

“As much as I don’t like the tree, it saved her life,” said Kirsten’s dad, Brian.

The CHP says the driver, identified as 58-year-old Leonard Moreno, was speeding down Winding Oak Drive in Fair Oaks just after 8:30 a.m., Friday when he lost control of his car. Officers said he hit landscaping rocks, flipping the vehicle multiple times until he stopped at the tree.

“The fire department and CHP did observe a very strong odor of alcohol,” CHP Officer Tommy Riggins said.

It took hours to stabilize the car and move it from the scene. The California Highway Patrol said the tree not only saved the residents from injuries, but also protected a gas main the car came close to.

No one else was hurt in the crash.