2 Stockton Teens Recovering After Drive-by Shooting

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STOCKTON -- It sounds like a scene from a horror movie, two men soaked in blood and covered with bullet wounds, stumbling through a neighborhood pleading for help.

At approximately 6:40 p.m., Stockton Police responded to the 9200 block of West Lane for reports of a shooting. What turned out to be a drive-by shooting sent two men to the hospital.

When officers arrived to the scene, they found a block of neighbors in shock, and a family of six petrified from fear.

Dennis Wright had been enjoying a quiet night at home when he says the calm was shattered by the sound of gunfire, dangerously close to his home.

"I heard about nine rounds of thirty caliber pistols going off," said Wright, who lives nearby.

A drive-by shooting, striking two teenagers.

Officer Rosie Calderon with the Stockton Police Department says it was a jarring and scary situation for those involved.

"The 16-year-old had a gunshot wound to the leg and on, or around the chest area," said Calderon. "The 18-year-old had a gunshot wound to the leg groin area."

Covered in blood, the two pleaded for neighbors to help. They stumbled into a nearby house and begged for a ride to the hospital.

"They ran into one of the nearby homes asking for the homeowners to drive them to the hospital. They were bleeding and they wanted medical attention right away," said Calderon.

The two are expected to recover from their wounds, but the neighborhood remains in a state of shock.

"It bothers me that other people around here have little kids," said Wright. "There's an elderly lady on the corner and she's scared to death. This is the second incident in two weeks."

Those who live in the area say drugs, crime and violence, are colliding with family-friendly neighborhoods.

"There are gangs that are coming in from the East Bay of Oakland moving in this area, and for that reason the rents are cheaper so it attracts them more," said Wright.

A dangerous combination that breeds a tangible sense of unease. Neighbors, peering cautiously from their windows, skeptical and reluctant to any stranger.

"We're trying to get a handle on this problem in the neighborhood, it wasn't like this before," said Wright.

The SPD says at this time there are no suspects at this time, and no known motive.

The victims say they did not know the assailant. Police are searching for a gold colored Lexus sedan.