CHP Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting in South Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO-- There were some strange circumstances surrounding an officer-involved shooting that happened Friday afternoon in South Sacramento.

New details released by the CHP tell the story of what unfolded as two of their officers were removing an illegal homeless camp near Highway 99. The unidentified homeless man aggressively waived a knife as officers approached, according the CHP report.

The first officer deployed his taser at the suspect. Then the man threw his knife at one of the officers, striking him. That's when the second officer fired one round from his handgun.

"I can't confirm whether he was hit with a round at this point," explained Officer Michael Bradley with the CHP.

What's more strange is, as the suspect tried to run away, another taser was deployed at the suspect, and the CHP was still vague about the circumstances involving the suspect.

"He's been taken to a local hospital right now for treatment, but he is in custody," said Bradley.

Late Friday, the CHP put out a press release stating that the subject had been medically cleared, but would remain in custody for questioning.

Neither of the officers were hurt during the incident.