Teen Accused of Killing JJ Clavo Makes First Court Appearance

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A surprising, intimate hug was shared by two mothers grieving for very different reasons.

One is the mother of JJ Clavo, killed in a shooting last November.

The other is the mother of the teenager accused of killing him.

This was the scene minutes before Keymontae Lindsey entered the courtroom for this first appearance.

When we asked JJ Clavo's mother, Nicole Clavo about the hug, she replied, "I would rather not share that emotion."

"He is a kid and it's just sad that we are here today," Nicole Clavo, said.

The 16-year-old suspect faces three felony charges, including murder, attempted murder, and discharging a firearm at an occupied vehicle, in connection to the death of Grant Union High School football player, JJ Clavo.

Keymontae Lindsey has been in custody since November 14, the day after the shooting, for allegedly having a loaded gun in his car.

Investigators said that 9 mm. semi automatic handgun was the weapon used to kill JJ Clavo.

According to court documents the teen fired the weapon by the direction of a local gang, the Strawberry Manor Bloods.

His family said this is not the Keymontae they know.

"I believe my grandson is innocent and when they find the presumed whoever let that be so," Keymontae Lindsey's grandmother, Serella Ellis said.

While the judge read his charges, he was often looking up at the ceiling or the floor.
The Clavo family sayid this is just the start of a long legal battle, in hopes of getting justice for JJ.

"I have a lot of support as you see," Nicole Clavo said. "I will have continued support and prayers and thoughts from the cities and all individuals who are fighting and hoping for justice, and will continued to be my backbone and strength."