Legislative Analyst Says Lawmakers Should Reject Brown’s Jail Construction Proposal

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SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s nonpartisan legislative analyst says state lawmakers should reject Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to give counties another $250 million for jail construction.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office says in a report Monday that the state has already provided $2.2 billion to build jails since 2007.

That includes $1 billion since the state began sending lower-level offenders to county lockups instead of state prisons about four years ago.

The analyst says Brown failed to show more construction money is needed.

The LAO says the budget he offered last month doesn’t take into account a 2014 voter initiative that lowered penalties for certain drug and property crimes, nor whether counties can use alternatives to jailing offenders.

Brown’s administration and state sheriffs say the money would go to provide rehabilitation programs, not more cells.