Newspaper Delivery Persons Suspected of Car Break-in

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There’s a neighborhood watch, surveillance cameras, even guard dogs on Estate Drive in Stockton.

"We’re pretty safe, pretty quiet here,” Lellia Fleming, a resident said.

But according to one woman, the warnings weren’t enough. She said her car was broken into by the very same people who were expected to deliver the Stockton Record newspaper to her neighbor’s door.

"It’s ridiculous. It’s scary,” David Albertson, another resident explained.

The victim, who asked FOX40 to not share her name, claimed surveillance footage showed the delivery person walking around her car, breaking in, then hopping into a delivery fan. Seconds later, the footage shows a newspaper being thrown from the van onto a driveway.

The company responsible for delivering the newspaper to this neighborhood, Daybreak Distributor, tells FOX40 that they are working with the Stockton Police Department and have fired their independent contractor, the person suspected of breaking into that woman’s car.

The Record’s publisher, LMG Stockton Incorporated, told us they’re very concerned about the crime.

“We’ll do everything in our power to make sure justice is taken care of,” Roger Coover, the President of LMG Stockton INC. explained.

The allegations have shaken up the neighborhood.

"It’s kind of hard. You’re kind of skeptical about what they’re doing,” Fleming said.

It has also made resident more reserved about who they trust and more vigilant.

“Everybody watches out for everybody. I mean that’s all it takes,” Albertson said.

"We all look out after each other,” Fleming told us.

We also asked LMG if Daybreak Distributors performed background checks on their independent contractors, they told us they’re unaware if they do.

As for the investigation, the Stockton Police Department said they will be looking at the surveillance footage and will work with the company to identify the people in the video.