Tech Report: GPS Devices Used to Help Parents Track Children

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These days technology lets us track just about everything. Online shopping orders, Uber, even the pizza guy.

Now, a new breed of trackers are becoming more and more popular, and they’re just for kids.

“Primarily, it’s safety and connectivity. That’s what people are most concerned about,” Pocketfinder Vice President Dave Morse said.

Pocketfinder is a company that makes a GPS device to keep track of seniors, pets and cars, but especially kids.

“It’s everything from knowing that they get to school in the morning if they’re taking the bus or walking home or carpooling, that they got to daycare, or they - they got home,” Morse said.

The $130 device is like a cell phone, but without the ability to make calls. It’s rugged and waterproof - perfect for a pocket or backback.

The app lets you see where your child is at any time - even a history of where they’ve been on a map… plus you can set boundaries and get a notification if they leave that area.

“You’re in control of your child, you have that level of control and security even though they're not with you,” Morse said.

Gizmopal 2 from lg is another kid-specific tracker. It’s available through Verizon. It allows phone calls as well, but just to a few selected numbers. Filip is available through AT&T and also allows calls. Both devices are worn like a watch. Just beware, they’re pretty bulky, especially for little wrists.

Even schools are starting to let parents track their kids... on the bus. Safe stop is one company that provides the service.

It allows them to securely track their bus’s location, to get estimated arrival times of the bus stop,
and also get alerts and messages about the transportation that day.

Parents can check in on an app to see where buses are. Schools get a record of who gets on and off.