GOP Caucuses Begin in Nevada

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SPARKS, Nevada--

Donald Trump spent the last few hours of his Nevada caucus campaign talking about deception - that of close competitors in the republican race for the White House.

"That guy, Ted Cruz, is the single biggest liar I have ever dealt with in my life. I've never seen... he will lie about anything," Trump said.

He also focused on the what deception may be embedded in Nevada's fairly new caucus process and how rivals might exploit it.

"Watch out for lot of dishonest stuff, lot of dishonesty with this. Gotta be careful. They got paper ballots, whole deal going," warned the billionaire.

Tina Baldassare of Dayton, Nevada is proud of the way republicans pick their presidential candidates, paper ballots and all.

"The democratic way (is) cray-cray. I mean it's kind of like a fighting match, 'Oh, I want you on this side.' Now, republicans I like. You can walk in and vote and walk," she said.

She plans to walk right up and support Trump at her caucus, but some Sacramentans in town are pushing Nevada republicans to go for Senator Marco Rubio.

So what does Eric Eisenhammer with Team Marco Sacramento believe can convince them?

"I think his experience, his articulate ability to connect with people. I think he's inspiring. I think he's positive and I think people want somebody positive...somebody who can bring us together," Eisenhammer said.

No way to tell yet how many voters will be swayed by that sentiment., but 18-year-old first-time voter. Christie Chaump is convinced.

"I think he's a really great guy, very worthy of being the presidential nominee and I feel like i'm gonna vote for him."

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