Donald Trump Wins Nevada’s GOP Caucuses

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One by one, paper ballots decided the fate of White House wannabes on the right side of the political aisle.

With most of the caucus counting complete, voters made the winner of the last two Republican contests a winner again.

Donald Trump, taking the gold if you will, in the Silver State.

"I backed Mitt Romney and he failed. I backed John McCain and he failed, so I decided to do it myself," Trump said at an early caucus day rally at the Nugget Casino and Resort.

His win came after hours of precinct discussion Republicans could choose to participate in or take a pass on.

Lines were long at the Reno High School voting site in Washoe County, but folks were excited to have their voices heard.

Nicole Antone stood in that long in four-inch heels ... unfazed. She'd actually been standing in them in lines all day.

"It was 7:30 a.m. when we lined up to see Trump," she said.

He didn't take the stage until after noon. As you might guess, her vote went to Trump.

Lynn Dodge cast her ballot for Marco Rubio.

"I think he's really the candidate of the future. He gives us so much hope, and I think he's going to unite conservatives," said Dodge.

Tom Hamilton is backing Ted Cruz.

"He's more believable as opposed to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the wild card," he said.

When asked who he was supporting, Dave Mencarelli was quick to speak up.

"Ted Cruz. I want to beat Donald Trump," he said.

And even if Trump is his party's eventual nominee, many here aren't sure he'll ever sit in the Oval Office.

"I seriously doubt Trump's gonna win against the Democratic party since he has far more negative people than positive people," said Steve Rudy, a Rubio supporter.

The Reno high school caucus site saw about 300 more voters than were expected, with 709 people passing through the doors there.

Trump won that site with a slim margin of just 65 votes.

About 20 people weren't allowed to cast ballots because of voter registration problems.

Precinct books and voter lists from the registrar of voters didn't match.

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