Hundreds Attend Vigil for Former Vacaville High School Star Athlete

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Coleman Christiansen was more than a son.

"Probably the best thing you could say is, I have two daughters, his sisters. And If they had a chance to marry someone like Coleman, coming from a father, I don't know if there's anything better you could say," his dad Chris said, with a cracked voice. "I dreaded the day he had to go home, back to school. He became my best friend."

And the 2012 graduate from Vacaville High was the kind of guy who befriended everyone, fitting in with all groups at school.

"Coleman had the personality that you knew whatever he chose to do, he was going to be wildly successful at it," Principal Ed Santopadre said.

And his future were surely bright after helping with the section championship as quarterback his senior.

"He's one of those model kids that we hope represent our student body, and just one of those proud kids to know that he had come from our town and our school," football coach Mike Papadopoulos said.

Coleman went on to study at the University of Nevada, Reno. He just asked his high school sweetheart, Haylie Holbein, to marry him

"Coleman was for sure my best friend. It'll stay that way," she said.

The couple was blessed with a baby girl, expected to arrive this summer.

"Colby. We can call her Cole," the young mom-to-be said.

There's been literally hundreds of people over at the Christiansen household since the 22-year-old passed away in his sleep over the weekend. But Monday was especially heartwarming.

"It was his birthday yesterday, and we had a toast to him at 4:47 p.m. when he was born, and the crowd last night sang happy birthday to him. It was a very special day for us," his mother Lisa said.

"Lisa and I struggle with why. Jesus just wanted him home now," his dad added.

A vigil to remember Coleman gathered several hundred people at the football field Wednesday evening.

His memorial is scheduled for Friday evening at 7 in the school's gymnasium.

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