Several Cars Broken Into During Stockton City Council Meeting

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About a dozen car windows were broken and personal items were stolen all while the Stockton City Council meeting took place Tuesday night, according to those who attended

With one click, the horn honks and lights blink, all signs that Steve Colangelo's Chevy Malibu is locked -- alarm activated. Usually, this means his car is safe. But on Tuesday night after walking out of a long Stockton City Council meeting that ended at 1 a.m., he found signs of trouble including shattered glass.

“Brazenly right in downtown Stockton at City Hall while a council meeting’s going on,” Colangelo said.

Someone stole his car.

“Immediate sinking feeling. Didn’t know ... I had to double-check myself to make sure I didn’t park somewhere illegally."

The car was found hours later in downtown Stockton, the passenger window smashed.

The city council candidate added that some of his fliers are gone. The thief even ate some candy Colangelo left in his car.

“They did go through most everything in the glove compartment, the center console, my brief case,” he said.

He's not the only victim, those who attended the meeting tell FOX40 about a dozen other cars were broken into around city hall during the meeting.

FOX40 walked around Stockton City Hall Wednesday morning and found at least three parking spots with broken glass.

The Stockton Police Department is investigating. They said so far they've only received two reports.

“That surprises me,” Stockton resident Nguyet Pham said.

Drivers who usually feel safe around downtown were taken aback by the break-ins.

“I just make sure to lock my car and that’s the best you can do,” Pham said.

As for Colangelo, he calls the incident a first and he hopes it never happens again.

The Stockton Police Department also tells FOX40 that they are checking security footage from Tuesday night.

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