Shooting Threat in Willows Prompts District to Close All Schools for the Day

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It's a quiet town of 6,500 people, and Wednesday morning, parents in Willows had to explain to their children why school was canceled.

"I said, 'You know there's some evil things that were happening today, and that's the reason that you're not in school, and it happens all over the place,'" said parent Joshua Kelly.

School shooting threats usually don't happen here, says Police Chief Jason Dahl.

"It's very rare, I've been in law enforcement in Glenn County 15 years, never had anything like this," Dahl said.

Late Tuesday night a parent notified police about a tweet warning Willows High School students not to go to class in the morning.

Sophomore Julia Lederer saw the tweet.

"Someone told them that they shouldn't go to school because they were gonna shoot it up, and I was like, 'oh that's not good,'" Lederer said.

Unable to verify if it was a hoax, the district decided to cancel school for the more than 1,400 students on Wednesday.

"The entire district was essentially shut down for the day"," said Superintendent Mort Geivett.

Coincidentally, this day in Willows was supposed to be one of celebration; honoring Vietnam veterans with a traveling wall of remembrance

"The family's are all feeling a little bit of tension, but I think it all kinda goes together, you know?" Kelly said.

Families were thinking about their children's safety after a threat of violence that could not be ignored.

"We're a community of about 6,500 people. When something like this comes out, we've gotta take it seriously," Dahl said.

Police said Wednesday evening that a 16-year-old girl was cited in connection to the threats.

The district has found that the threats were not credible. The school district says school will be back in session Thursday.

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