Former CHP Officer Fined For Workers’ Compensation Fraud

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A former California Highway Patrol officer was ordered to pay the CHP $151,927.01 for worker’s compensation fraud and the costs to investigate the case.

Back in 2012, Officer Daniel Clapp filed a workers’ compensation claim for injuries that resulted from an altercation with a man he attempted to arrest. For nearly two years,  Clapp told his doctor he was unable to perform his work duties because of his injuries, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors say an investigation began after Clapp was seen hooking up a camping trailer and a ski boat by other officers. Investigators say Clapp was seen on video during several camping trips where he was being very active.

The CHP says during his workers’ compensation case, Clapp was asked under oath if he had attempted to go out and do any physical activities like camping, hunting, dirt bikes, or boating. Clapp said he hadn’t, and claimed he could only shuffle around the work bench in his garage.

In 2014, Clapp pleaded no contest to misdemeanor workers’ compensation insurance fraud. He also was ordered to serve 60 days in county jail, three years of probation, and make restitution to CHP and the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Judge Steve White also ordered Clapp to repay SCIF $31,475.68 for disability benefit payments he received and the investigation costs.

Shaquia Salvador filed this report.