Man Faces Charges After Deadly Davis Crash

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Donna Black described her 71-year-old next door neighbor, Cynthia Jonasen, in two words.

"Peaceful and calm," Black said of her friend of 11 years. "Loved her family, took care of her family."

Sadly, her family is now left to care for her two dogs, three cats and a tortoise -- all things Black says Jonasen loved dearly.

Her home sat still, remnants of her plants and garden decor left behind.

"I am very sad," Black said.

Jonasen died when police say 32-year-old Steven Hendrix plowed his Ford Taurus station wagon into the driver's side of Jonasen's Honda Civic, killing her instantly.

The speed at Second Street and Cantrill Drive is 45 mph. But witnesses told police Hendrix was going much faster.

"He was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed, driving erratically," Davis police Lt. Thomas Waltz said.

Investigators are now looking for the driver and occupants of a silver sedan, who may have key information about this crash. Police believe Hendrix passed the silver sedan, just before colliding with Jonasen.

Officers also arrested Hendrix on suspicion of driving under the influence.

"We suspect drugs. At this point, I don't have information on exactly what they were," Waltz said.

Perhaps even worse -- cops say four children and two other adults were riding in Hendrix's car, all of whom were taken to hospitals with minor injuries.

"But I just wanna say that this drunk driving and drugs, and even texting, it's so frightening, it makes one hesitant to get in the car and go anywhere," Black said.

Hendrix is at the Yolo County Jail booked on charges of vehicular manslaughter, driving erratically and child endangerment.

Black says drivers need to move slower and be watchful of others around them.

"Cantrill going left, is,  I almost got hit on my bike," Black said. "I'm a cyclist, and I did nearly get hit by a car."