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Manteca Company Gets Into Building Zero Net Energy Homes

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The American Modular Systems company based out of Manteca has made its money making prefabricated buildings for schools.

Now, they are building a home.

Featuring its Gen7 brand, the construction of the prefabricated home in Acampo is expected to be finished by the end of the year and will be Zero Net Energy and LEED certified for sustainability.

"It will be a little more expensive initially, because we just started. But like any product, the more you build, the prices fall," Vice President Tony Sarich said.

Sarich adds the home cannot catch fire, is pest and mold free and will feature modern amenities.

"In this case, there's nothing to burn," he said.

The company says the construction phase will last much longer than it will in the future because this is the first go-around and adjustments will have to be made for each customer.

When everything is finished the home will be measured for energy needs and will utilize renewable energy.