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President Obama’s Half-Sister Discusses Leadership, Conflict Resolution at Sac State

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President Barack Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, made an appearance Thursday evening at Sacramento State.

Like the president, Soetoro-Ng specializes in leadership and conflict, but on a much different scale.

She encourages communities to work toward building a better foundation through meaningful daily actions.

"Working to try and understand things from the flip-side, and to bend our minds and spirits a little bit and sort of lean into discomfort," she explained.

In front of a packed room Thursday at the Leslie and Anita Harper Alumni Center, Soetoro-Ng shared stories and thoughts about peace and conflict resolution.

"Sacramento State is a school that really values that community engagement, that connection," said Soetoro-Ng. "It's working hard to build bridges between school and community in a robust way."

She is here to help Sac State succeed in working with a very diverse culture, much like the one she deals with at the University of Hawaii on a regular basis.

"She wants to see students being exchanged," explained Sacramento State President Robert Nelsen.  "She wants to see us having dialogue about peace. So, it hasn't been about President Obama. Yes, there is a connection there, and it's an important connection. But instead it's about how to get the two universities to work together."

Also on her schedule during her visit is a student-workshop on campus Friday morning.