Sacramento Police Investigating Shooting on Norwood Avenue Overpass

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Police lights light up part of Sacramento County for the eighth time this week -- officers outside of their cars looking for clues into a shooting.

"I heard cars screeching that's ... I didn't hear any gunshots, but I heard cars screeching," said Louise Fountain.

What investigators say Fountain may have heard Thursday was a gunman's car leaving  a scary scene behind -- shots fired on the Interstate 80 overpass at Norwood Avenue just after 4 p.m.

The still unknown gunman shot several times into a black Crown Victoria, which was traveling southbound in the fast lane, hitting the only person in the car -- the adult male driver -- at least once.

"After the gunshots were fired, the victim vehicle actually coasted into oncoming traffic and hit a pickup truck that was traveling northbound on Norwood Avenue," said Officer Traci Trapani with the Sacramento Police Department.

The person in the pickup wasn't hurt.

After the collision, the gunshot victim was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

Given the drive-by scenario, was what happened gang-related?

"Unfortunately... it's too early to speculate if we're looking at a gang-related incident or a road rage incident ... just too early to really determine," Trapani said.

As Fountain looked at the still cordoned-off overpass, five hours after the shooting, shock was the only word that came to mind for her.

Residents in Del Paso Heights sharing that feeling of shock after a killing on Branch Street Tuesday -- both incidents part of the uptick in crime being felt on Sacramento's streets.

What's the police department's plan to address it all?

"One way to address it is the community needs to address this and come forward with information. Unfortunately, officers can't be on every given street corner at any given time," stressed Trapani.

It makes folks like Fountain nervous.

"It does ... because when I first came out, I heard about it, the first thing I started doing was praying over my family. 'Oh God please don't let it be anybody in my family,' you know. It's a scary feeling you know. It's frightening," she said.

Sacramento police have no POD cameras in the area and are contacting businesses to see if any private surveillance systems recorded the crime or the getaway.

They have no description of the suspect or their car, so if you have any information about this shooting you're asked to call Sacramento police.

You can give a tip anonymously.