Residents Concerned About LED Light

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Neighbors are concerned that a new roadside LED sign currently awaiting construction in Manteca will shine light into their homes and distract drivers on the road.

"I hate those LED lights. They should be outlawed," David Schardein said.

Schardein lives at the El Rancho Mobiles Homes on Yosemite Avenue in Manteca, which used to have a bright LED sign directly behind it. Although neighbors complained that sign was too bright, it was eventually torn down because it did not generate enough money in advertising.

Tuesday, Manteca city councilors approved the plan to construct a new LED advertising sign along highway 120 at the Promenade at Orchard Valley shopping center. City planners said the new sign will incorporate advanced LED technology that allows the LED lights to dim according to ambient light conditions.

However, one city councilor said the chosen location is one of the worst she could imagine for the sign, because traffic often backs up there.

"What concerns me is that we have so many accidents by just one person looking away, because it stacks up so bad there," Debby Moorehead said.

City Planners said they reviewed a federal study that showed no correlation between roadside LED signs and crashes on highways.

Neighbors, disagreed on whether or not the new sign will be a good fit for the location, with houses on the opposite side of the highway.

"That's the first thing that's gonna catch your eye and you don't need that when you're driving," Schardein said.

"This is the wave of the future. Everybody just does whatever they want. If you throw enough money at a project, the city will put these tall things all over the place," Joseph Maloney said.

"They can put up all the lights they want. I like them," Nancy Lewis said.

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