Del Paso Heights School Gets FBI Award

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The Roberts Family Development Center in the Del Paso Heights area received one of the FBI's highest honors for community service on Wednesday night.

"I feel great about it. Because this is a great place for your kids to be," Maurice Downs said.

Downs is one of 200 children who come to the family development center after school. The non-profit offers low cost and no cost services to local families like child care, summer camps, outdoor activities and literacy programs.

"Personally they helped me with my homework and math," Downs said.

"When I found out a little bit about what the Roberts Family Development Center does, I was just blown away and very excited to consider them for this award," Monical Miller, with the FBI Sacramento, said.

Miller presented the Roberts Family with the FBI Director's Community Leadership award at their campus on Darina Avenue Wednesday evening.

Co-founder Derrell Roberts said he not not expecting it.

"Receiving an award from the FBI first of all is different, but it also makes you reflect on the work you've been doing in the community and recognize that others are paying attention," Roberts said.

The Roberts Family also thanked the families who attended the ceremony, for making their work possible.

"It's because you trust us with your kids that we can say thank you for this award," Roberts said.

"Everyone of us can be a leader in our community and you don't need a lot of funding, just try to influence it," Miller said.

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