Energy Salesman Accused of Fighting with Customer’s Son, Lying About Bill

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A door-to-door salesman is accused of behaving badly. A Stockton woman claims an energy salesman lied to her about a bill then got into a fight with her teen son.

He looked like a salesman, had the badge to prove it, but Teresa and her 17-year-old son Frank say the man pictured in a Continuum Energy ID was not professional.

"He went to the bush and started peeing in our bush,” Frank said.

"And he would not leave and he started a confrontation with my youngest son,” Teresa, a Stockton resident, said.

On Thursday afternoon in the Country Club area near Hoover Elementary School in Stockton, Richard Bouton and another sales representative with Continuum Energy were going door-to-door, trying to get people to sign up for their natural gas service.

Instead, Teresa told FOX40, the duo bullied her son and claimed she had not paid her PG&E bill. The mother and son asked FOX40 not to show their faces.

“He said, ‘Well she didn’t pay the bill,’ so he wanted to know when she was coming home,” he said.

Frank said, "Me and my brother asked him to get off the property and he said, ‘No, no, no. I want to talk about this.’"

Frank said he then asked Bouton for his company's information.

“If he had a phone number so I could call his boss and let him know that what he was doing, and he said no and he flipped his badge around. And then he grabbed my arm and shoved me to the side," Frank said.

In the scuffle, Frank was able to grab Bouton's Continuum Energy badge, for a real company based in Houston, Texas. According to Continuum, Bouton worked for Vision Marketing Solutions, a company they hired to sell their product.

In an email, a Continuum Energy representative wrote.

“We first learned about the incident this morning from a Facebook message and immediately began to investigate… We suspended Mr. Bouton from our system immediately after learning about his alleged misconduct.”

"Should be taught etiquette that if they’re asked to leave, you leave the property. You don’t continue to start a confrontation with a 17-year-old,” Teresa explained.

As for Teresa and her son, they say even if he does visit their neighborhood again he's not welcome. “Just don’t come back to our house or that neighborhood because people we got people who watch out for that neighborhood.”

The family said that they did file a report with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department and if you have any information about this case, please contact deputies.

Continuum Energy added that they’ve asked Vision Marketing Services to ensure 100-percent adherence to their code of conduct and policies, including background checks for all employees.