Sacramento Hyatt Announces Deal With Yellow Cab; Excludes Independent Taxis

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SACRAMENTO -- In the heart of Sacramento, a transportation turf war is waging. But for the Hyatt Regency it's not personal, it's business.

Sacramento's Hyatt Regency Hotel has announced an exclusive deal with Yellow Cab. It's a deal that excludes independent taxis. The hotels General Manager Scott Vandenberg issued the following statement on Friday:

"The switch in service to Yellow Cab is a business decision made by the hotel based on wanting to improve our cab service at the property."

As a Yellow Cab driver, Mohammed Taibi is familiar with the streets of Sacramento.

"Hyatt got Yellowcab, I think just for better service, I think we provide better service," said Taibi.

While he's excited about the work opportunities he says he worries about his friends.

Vandenberg said in his statement, "there have been many instances where substandard cabs have been serving our guests ... we based our decision on wanting to up our service levels."

"I think it's good for Yellowcab, but it's also really bad for the other companies," said Taibi.

Yellow Cab drivers say they were victorious in this round of the ongoing battle for riders.

"I hope everyone is going to make money. That's what I want, they're my friends, other drivers, we are friends," said Taibi.

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