CHP Officer Hurt After Patrol Vehicle Rear-Ended on I-80

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The storm system that hit the area lived up to expectations in the Sierra, dropping more than a foot of snow Sunday from evening into the night, causing major problems along I-80.

"This is our first chain law experience,” said Lee Allen. He and his funk band from North Carolina were headed to Tahoe tonight to perform. The drive turned out to be a little whiter than they expected.

"We were warned,” band members said, as they struggled to put chains on their van. They weren't the only drivers that had a tough go Sunday.

Chain controls and plow patrols could only do so much in the Sierra. Truckee CHP says it handled dozens of reports of accidents and spinouts along I-80's icy roads.

The snow hit suddenly around 4:00 p.m., and it came down hard all evening.

At two different points Sunday, portions of I-80 closed down because of the amount of accidents in short periods of time. One CHP officer was taken to the hospital after he was rear-ended by a car that lost control. According to CHP’s facebook page, the officer is expected to be okay.

The highway closures left some drivers stuck for about an hour.

"Time to go and get some coffee and relax because we can't go anywhere I guess," said Steve McFate, a driver returning to Idaho.

The National Weather Service’s website indicated Sunday evening that winds would potentially hit 35 mph, which could potentially cause visibility problems. At some points it was hard to see anything on the road.

"I saw a lot of people flying by, that's the part that's scary,” said McFate.

But amid the tow trucks, and heavy snowfall, whether on the way home or to a gig, some drivers found time to enjoy it.

"We like the adventure and i pride myself on being a good driver in all scenarios,” said Allen.

After all, the show must go on.