Residents Clean Up After Windy, Rainy Weekend

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Around the region, residents took advantage of the break in the rough weather Sunday afternoon to assess the damage that weather had already done.

"It just was like... something not normal,” Elk Grove’s Pete Cerda laughed at his own understatement.

In Cerda’s South Elk Grove neighborhood fences were torn down, trees snapped at their trunks and a neighbor’s trampoline was blown over the top of his house.

But even as the winds calmed down the water kept coming as streams, swollen by the rain in the foothills, continued to spill into floodplains long dry from California’s drought.

In North Sacramento, a homeless encampment on a knoll in one of those floodplains became an island. And the rising waters were a threat to a two adults who were camped there and needed to be rescued.

"The water level in their tent was already up two feet above the floor of the tent,” said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

Sacramento firefighters used boats in the swift moving water to bring those people to safety.