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River Levels Rise with More Rain, Folsom Lake Water Releases

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On a cold and windy Monday, Jaron Burbano takes a walk along the Sacramento River during his break from work.

"I'm definitely glad the rain came back. It's shocking to see so much of it all at once," Burbano said.

All that rain this weekend created a noticeable difference; more water flowing in the river.

"Looks like it's moving along really quickly," Burbano said.

And there's more to come.

Monday, the Bureau of Reclamation opened the gates at Folsom Lake's spillway to help keep cool water in and prevent flooding.

It's the first time that's happened in at least four years.

"Water levels on area waterways can rise very, very quickly if they start letting extra water out of the dam," Sacramento Fire Department spokesperson Chris Harvey said.

There were two water rescues in two days in north Sacramento.

Monday morning firefighters pulled a man from a canal near Western Avenue and the I-80 overpass.

Sunday crews rescued two people from the water near a homeless encampment.

"We do every year see a number of cases where people will just be walking along or fishing next to the water and they don't mean to go in and they fall in," Harvey said.

This time of year currents are high, water is cold and there's more debris on the surface.

"Were advising people to use a lot of caution and really just stay away from the water for the next few days unless you absolutely have to be there," Harvey said.

River levels can be found here.