Bright Under Belly Project Finished

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Bethany is in the studio with artists Sofia Lacin, Hennessy Crisophel and Project Manager Tre Borden talking all about the Bright Under Belly Project. The project is complete and the trio is ready for their big reveal.

"Bright Underbelly’s design reflects the cyclical and seasonal nature of the farmer’s market, the Southside neighborhoods resurgence and the natural history of the site.

The Canopy

On the underside (underbelly) of the east and west stretches of the freeway, there will be a 70,000 square foot mural depicting a tree canopy.  The freeway covers a site that decades ago was a sycamore grove connected to Southside Park.  The design contains references to native birds, that currently nest under the freeway, as well as bee swarms that will be depicted in gold leaf. As one travels to different parts of the mural the branches above will reflect the changing of the seasons.

The Pillars

The 24 Pillars that support the underpass will be colored to reflect the changing of seasons and also the vibrant activities that do, and will, take place there.  We will also be highlighting donor contributions on the pillars, allowing our contributors to literally support the completed project."

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