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Mudslide, Boulder Block Placerville Man’s Driveway

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Rain this week has been especially problematic in the foothills, where steep slopes are prone to toppling trees and mud slides.

Clint Stayley was almost cut off from his home Southeast of Placer off Newtown Road, when a mud slide placed a giant boulder in his driveway.

"I  just heard a big shaking vibration about 11:30 at night, didn't know what it was, came back the next morning, and all of this was like this," Stayley said.

Stayley said he wasn't able to clear a path up to the house Sunday.

"So far we've had a couple of people out here, but they don't got big enough rigs... One guy came out here said he could move that boulder for 300 bucks but it didn't work out," Stayley said.

Elsewhere, heavy rains have caused other mudslides to close roads including Peavine Ridge Road east of Pollock Pines.

The rain also toppled several trees off of Latrobe Road, south of El Dorado Hills.

One tree even fell into Clark Creek, where currents were extremely strong.

"We haven't heard this creek in five years, now you can hear it rumbling, it's crazy," Stayley told FOX40.

Stayley can barely sneak by the mudslide to get his truck up the driveway. But he worries more rocks and downed trees are coming.

"That whole ridge top there, if you go up there you see a crack in the earth like this, straight across there on top," Stayley said.