Partying Teens Wreak Havoc on New Home Days Before Owners Scheduled to Move In

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A bunch of cars driving along Keystone Drive after 10 Saturday night was a good indication of a party brewing.

It involved around 200 high school students who converged on the Blackstone neighborhood in El Dorado Hills, still under construction.

The party place?

A beautiful new Lennar home, where the homeowners were reportedly scheduled to move into their dream house this Tuesday.

“I feel sorry for the people who are moving in. I think it’s heartbreaking to know you purchased a home and it gets vandalized,” one homeowner said.

There were several places inside the house where the walls were punched in.

The kitchen was left trashed and some cabinets were damaged.

The alarm system was punched in.

A drug pipe was discarded on a granite countertop and several beer cans were strewn about.

Outside, window screen covers were kicked to the muddied backyard below, along with a spreckling of cigarette butts.


The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department says it’s difficult to prevent events like this from taking place, especially when it’s spread through social media.

Once deputies were called out, neighbors say they responded quickly and broke things up.

A sergeant tells FOX40, once the teens spotted officers, they shouted, “Police, run!”

And the large crowd dispersed immediately.