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Identical Twin Brothers Have Matching Careers with Modesto CHP Office

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For identical twins Gerardo and Fabio Serrato it took hard work and maybe a little brotherly competition to get their California Highway Patrol sergeant badges.

"I think it’s helped us out a lot because being identical twins, it’s very competitive,” Sgt. Gerardo Serrato with the Modesto CHP office said.

The brothers wouldn’t have it any other way.

"To know that my twin brother, who I been with pretty much my entire life, is also at the same type of job is truly a blessing and it’s awesome,” Sgt. Fabio Serrato with the Modesto CHP office said.

Some days, they patrol together.

“I wanted to be something bigger than my life. I wanted to join an organization that is committed to public service,” Gerardo Serrato said.

They also share an office.

Growing up in a tough south Modesto neighborhood, the twins said being CHP officers was always their dream, and their success wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for their parents.

"There is a lot of gang activity out there, and from early on mom and dad will always tell us to stay away from the corners,” Gerardo Serrato said.

They now proudly serve as sergeants for the CHP.

“We always wanted to come back to Modesto, be able to work in Modesto and be able to give back to our community,” Fabio Serrato said.

They’re even happier they get to do their jobs in the community they grew up in.

"Cannot put a price to it. It’s just gratitude and satisfaction to go back and be a public servant, it’s just amazing,” Gerardo Serrato said.

The twins are also planning to take the lieutenants test and plan to study together.

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