Weekend Snowstorms Bury Parked Cars in Sierra

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After three days of steady snow, many people in the high Sierra spent hours Monday digging out cabins, cars and driveways.

"Probably a total of five and a half feet, maybe six," said Garrett Garoutte, describing the amount of snow that surrounded his car. He, along with his twin brother and a buddy, said it took them about two hours to dig out two cars in their Soda Springs driveway.

A few hundred feet higher, the Serene Lakes neighborhood is a maze of snowbanks taller than the street signs.

Year-round resident Bill Thauvette spent the last hour of daylight happily shoveling his driveway.

"You know, it's hard work, but you have a feeling of satisfaction when you get done doing it," Thauvette said.

FOX40 spoke with several other people who were shoveling Monday night, and all of them had equally great attitudes about it. They say after years of drought, shoveling five feet of snow is a good problem to have.