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Emergency Room Nurses Continue Safety Campaign

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The Emergency Nurses Association is continuing legislative efforts to make their work environment safer.

This year Assembly member Freddie Rodriguez, an emergency medical technician for over 30 years, is sponsoring a bill that requires police to let emergency room nurses know when someone they bring in has a violent history.

Emergency department nurse and association President Janet Williams said last January she was escorting a patient who was high on drugs to the restroom.

"She was screaming, kicking, took a swing at me, missed me luckily," said Williams.

The group says they did a study that showed that ER nurses on average are verbally or physically assaulted at least once a week.

The nurses say they are trained to handle confrontations in a sometimes tense emergency room where patients or their families may be in emotional turmoil.

But they say a heads up when someone is brought to them would make it safer for them, patients and other innocent bystanders who may be in the emergency room of a medical facility.

"It's just a basic common sense rule ... be aware that there could be an issue with this patient because he or she might have a history of violence," said Rodriguez.