Fear Not: Horse Outside Orangevale Feed Store Can Be Dressed, County Says

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A petition circulating online, involving a fake horse and its clothes, has created quite the stir in Orangevale.

The horse outside Western Feed store on Greenback Lane has been a local icon, of sorts. Socks, as it's known, is always dressed up -- until Sunday.

According to the store's owner, Sacramento County asked the store to remove a sign advertising "chicks for sale," which was on the horse. Store staff took down the sign and, at the same time, undressed Socks.

"The horse is fine," Chris Andis, from the county communication and media office, told FOX40 in an email.

In less than a day, a misguided petition on Change.org had collected 1,066 signatures.

Western Feed said Socks would be dressed again soon.