Local Family Looking for Long-Lost Brother

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A local family is reaching out to the community to help them find their long lost brother.

"Almost all of us have reconnected now. It's been neat. A journey I guess is the right way to put it," Chester Ennis said.

Ennis told FOX40 he and his five siblings were separated in the late 90s when their mother lost custody of them. He said they all went to live with different family members, and that eventually, the state took their middle brother from his aunt and placed him in foster care.

"Yeah it was a boys ranch in Placer County," Ennis's aunt Kim Bivens said.

The family has been searching for 25-year-old Gregory Ronald Bivens for months. Internet searches have turned up nothing but dead leads.

The problem, they worry, is that if another family legally adopted Bivens, he could have a different name. They are not sure if Bivens still lives locally, or if he moved to a different state. They're hoping his story will circulate on social media and help track him down.

"He was goofy, bucktoothed. Just as crazy as we were. We were quite the wild children. Basically he was the only sibling I had growing up. We were close, you know? I'm kind of curious to see what his life turned out to be," brother Steven Bivens said.

The last time the family photographed Gregory Ronald Bivens, he was just 6 or 7 years old. They say he was born in November of 1990 and last lived in Del Paso Heights with his aunt Kim Bivens. They believe he could have moved to either Placer or El Dorado Counties after that.

If you think you know 25-year-old Gregory Ronald Bivens, contact his family at: (530) 559-2211

You can also email us at news@fox40.com