UC Davis Protesters March to Chancellor’s House

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Chants of 'Hey, hey, ho, ho Chancellor Katehi's got to go,' were probably not the kind of dinner music UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was hoping for as she hosted a faculty supper at her campus home.

But students were committed to serving up exactly what they thought she deserved.

"Her taking positions on boards of for-profit universities and textbook companies is the latest in a string of incidents that show she's out of touch with what students want...what a public university should stand for," said protester Emily Stack.

Plans to chant and march outside of Katehi's home came on the sixth day of an occupation outside her office.

That occupation is in protest of the what some denounce as the "corporatization" of education.

She's received hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and stocks for those board positions.

Tuesday, Katehi reached out to students for the first time since the occupation demanding her resignation started -- asking to set an appointment to sit down with the protesters.

They refused to make that appointment.

When asked why they would deny something that might get them closer to their goal, one demonstrator said the gesture was too meaningless and too late.

"In the beginning our goal was to speak with her ... now that we've waited for five days, we're past that meeting," said Emily Breuninger, a UC Davis graduate  student in sociology.

"It's just time to get her out," she said.

As police monitored the continued chanting outside and the molecular and cellular biology professors dined with Katehi inside, FOX40 asked to speak with the chancellor.

She sent out the provost.

Rex Hexter said Katehi didn't make herself available because she was hosting faculty, and he declined to comment on the appropriateness of the board posts and pay the chancellor accepted.

Protester Bernadette Fox had a strong reaction to the provost commenting Wednesday night instead of the chancellor.

"I think it's a smart move on their part given the chancellor's history of mishandling things. It's clear to them it would have been embarrassing," said Fox, a fourth-year UC Davis student double-majoring in international relations and gender studies.

Students have been warned they may face suspension or expulsion for continuing their occupation, but FOX40 has learned some of the loudest voices in this crowd aren't risking their futures in that way.

Protester Maile Hampton has been quoted as saying "we" and "us" when talking about current student concerns, so FOX40 tried to clarify Hampton's status.

UC Davis told FOX40 Hampton's never been enrolled there.

"Um, um ... I'm a community member. I stand with the students," Hampton said when questioned about being a student.

"I choose to spend my time, when I'm not working, with the students who need me, no I am not (a student)," she said.

Since taxpayers help fund UC Davis, students say any community member is welcome to protest with them.

When asked, all of those who marched on Katehi's faculty dinner at home told FOX40 there are no paid organizers who are part of their effort.

For her part, Katehi has apologized for her paid board participation, ended her tenure and donated part of her earnings.